Cooking With Love

Ventures into the NEW ISRAELI cuisine

Cooking with Love

My first book explores the little known, but wide array of exotic, yet comfortable and easy-to-prepare foods associated with the Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine."Cooking with Love" will bring forth "eye opening" dishes for the experienced chef as well as the novice cook!

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Hi, I'm Ruth, author of Cooking with Love. I hope you enjoy my book. It's filled with Israeli cuisine, traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, and includes low cal, holiday and kosher meals..."

Ruth Milstein

Check out some of my favorite dishes from my cookbook.


In the new book, "Cooking With Love" by Ruth Milstein, we not only get a plethora of delicious and engaging food experiences but an education as to the basics of Kosher Food and cooking.

Although the recipes in "Cooking With Love" were not formulated strictly on Kosher Law, the author of "Cooking With Love" describes the basics along with the option of practicing it in her recipes. "Cooking With Love" explains that the fundamental principal of keeping kosher is that meat and milk or milk products cannot be cooked or consumed together. When one eats meat, you must wait a period of up to six hours before eating dairy. Of course, in "Cooking With Love", Ruth Milstein always admonishes the fact that everyone should follow their family and community traditions, as some allow eating dairy following meat in one to three hours.

When eating dairy first one must wait before eating meat only if the dairy consumed was hard cheese. Also, separate utensils should be used for meat and dairy products. As far as storage is concerned, both meat and dairy can be stored in the same refrigerator; however, care should be taken to avoid dripping from one to the other. "Cooking With Love" has an exciting amount of delectably different type of fish dishes. As you will learn in "Cooking With Love", fish that have fins and scales are kosher. If the scales can be removed without damaging the skin , the fish is considered kosher. All shellfish is not kosher.

"Cooking With Love" explains to us that when buying fish, one should try to frequent a vendor that understands the laws of keeping kosher. Otherwise, contamination could occur by use of utensils , such as knives and cutting boards that may have been used in the preparation of fish that is not kosher. Fish may be cooked in either a meat or dairy pot and eaten with the corresponding cutlery. It is an added bonus for many of us that Ruth Milstein has made "Cooking With Love" so simple and user friendly in regards to so many of the main kosher laws that one might take for granted. In this respect, "Cooking With Love" is not only a gourmet's delight, but also a fine learning experience!

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