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Cooking with Love

Enticing Mediterannean, Euro-American dishes!

Did you ever think there could be “nothing new under the sun”? Ruth Milstein dispels this notion with her book. Little is known about the wide array of exotic yet comfortable and easy-to-make food associated with Mediterranean and Israeli cuisine. In this book, Ruth sheds light on this unknown delight. Exploring this expansive gourmet’s heaven with recipes that are eye openers for the experienced chef as well as the novice cook. “Cooking With Love” brings New Israeli Cuisine to the US, and offers an amalgam of dishes to meet every connoisseur’s desire – Lamb, Lamb Stew with Black Olives, Cheese and Spinach Pies, Rice with Green Peas, a variety of Breads including the American favorite Glazed Banana Bread.

Family Time

The Gift of Dining Together!

Family Time Book Cover

One of the most formidable pleasures of cooking fine food is the enjoyment of sharing it all with your loved ones. FAMILY TIME, my newest cookbook, builds on the strengths of “Cooking With Love” by suggesting new ways to bring the family back to the dinner table.This is how it was some years ago! This book explores exciting new variations on traditional, everyday recipes while at the same time trying to re-engage children and their parents in the special joy and fun of cooking, eating and drinking together.